Venice Offshore Fishing Charters


Offshore trips are dictated by a few different things including weather, time of year, water quality, and what’s on the angler’s bucket list to catch. All offshore trips are operated on large center console boats and are priced for up to six anglers, the maximum we can legally take on our boats.

Yellowfin and blackfin tuna are an option year around and the most popular species for those looking to get into some action offshore. The yellowfins typically range in size from 25 pounds to 175 pounds. A fight with a large one can often last one or two hours. A number of different techniques and tactics are used when fishing for the yellowfins like trolling, jigging, and chunking.

Wahoo are another popular target for a lot of people who make their way down to the end of the world also known as Venice, Louisiana). They are much more seasonal only biting at certain times of year, but when the bite is good it’s really good. Most of the time they are fished for by trolling plugs around the oil platforms and other structure.

Swordfish have been a very popular species to target among the fleet of offshore boats in Venice as well. They are caught by fishing humps and lumps and offer a battle of a lifetime once hooked up. If you’re looking for steady action you might want to start with a tuna trip, because the swordfish bite can be hit or miss.

Venice is home to some unreal bottom fishing as well if you want to do something a little different. We can go from rig to rig looking for species like red snapper, amberjack, black snapper, lane snapper, cobia, and a number of other species. Many of these species have strict regulations and seasons, so be sure to take a look at the regulations here if you think this is something you might want to do.