Venice Inshore Fishing Charters


Inshore trips are perfect for those groups who want to do some fishing and be back at the lodge to have lunch. Speckled trout and redfish are always the primary target on these trips, but you’ll come across other species like sheepshead, black drum, and flounder as well.

Many towns down the road LA 23 that runs from New Orleans to Venice like Buras, Empire, and Port Sulphur are known for their awesome lodges and incredible inshore fishing. Other than that you won’t find very much as far as shopping as restaurants, so don’t have big expectations.

There is a long list of lodges where you can spend the night and enjoy some of the most satisfying food that you will ever taste. If a lodge isn’t your thing there are quite a few hotels around that we can also hook you up with if that is more your thing.

The redfish can’t be caught a number of different ways, but there’s not a much bigger adrenaline rush than watch a redfish in a foot of water chase a lure or fly and then attack it. If you’re just looking to fill the cooler for the family fish fry getting live shrimp and fishing with corks around points is always an option.

Speckled trout tend to stay in schools so when fishing for them it’s best to just move around until you get a couple bites. Typically, once you find them it’s a fire drill and everyone on the boat stays hooked up until you’re limited out or the school moves.

We always clean and bag your fish following your trip. Redfish have a sixteen to twenty-seven-inch slot size limit in the state of Louisiana with a five per person per day bag limit, but you may keep one fish over twenty seven inches. Speckled trout have a twelve inch minimum size limit and a daily bag limit of twenty five fish per day.