Q: Do I need a fishing license?
A: You will need a three-day non-resident guide/charter fishing license that can be purchased for $10.00. For more information, please call the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries at (888) 765-2602.

Q: How many people can fit on the boat?
A: We can legally only take 6 anglers, plus captain and deckhand on offshore trips. On inshore trips we can take up to 4 anglers.

Q: Is a deposit required?
A: Yes, we take a 20% deposit on inshore and offshore trips.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A:You must notify us with an official cancellation notice at least 14 days before your scheduled trip to receive your deposit back or to place your deposit on a different date. If your scheduled trip is canceled due to weather conditions, we will refund your deposit.

Q: How early should we arrive at the boat?
A: Please be there 15-20 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Q: When will I hear from my captain?
A: Your captain will call the evening before your charter. Please take into consideration that they may have fished the day before your trip and may not be available to call you until 7 or 8 p.m.

Q: How should we dress?
A: If its hot outside you want to wear something moisture wicking and cool. There are tons of awesome fishing shirts shorts available these days, it never hurts to have a buff and hat either. If it’s cold it’s very important that you are prepared, it’s miserable to spend the day cold. Please have foul weather gear if it’s going to be cold.

Q: What types of payment do you accept?
A: We take cash and credit or debit cards. For card transactions there will be a 3.5% service fee.

Q: Can I bring alcohol on the boat?
A: Absolutely!