Venice, Louisiana is known across the country as the Fishing Capitol of the World and it’s for good reason. You won’t find the sugar white beaches that you will in Pensacola, the night light and awesome restaurants that you will in Key West or the beautiful scenery that you will in Hawaii, but the fishing is second to none.

Venice aka “Tuna Town” is hands down the place to go if you’re looking for tuna, wahoo, billfish, and swordfish. You’ll spend the day bouncing from oil rig to oil rig until you find the bite and then you’ll fight fish until you can’t move your arms.

Venice and the many other small towns down LA 23 are also well known for their inshore fishing. Redfish and speckled trout are what’s on tap year around and most days you’ll find action that will allow you to catch one fish after another.

Being such a desired location from people looking to go fishing and have a trip of a lifetime, Venice, Louisiana over the years has attracted some of the best charter captains and guides around. Many guides even travel from other areas in their off seasons to take advantage of the steller redish that happens in Venice.  

There’s two great marinas in Venice where all fishing trips come and go from; Venice Marina and Cypress Cove Marina, they are only about five to ten minutes apart and at the very end of the road, which is the southernmost point that reaches out into the Gulf of Mexico.

Venice Marina is located at 237 Sports Marina Rd, Venice, LA 70091 and it’s an awesome place, great owners and cool atmosphere. They have a marina, boat ramp, fuel, ship store, restaurant, and tons of cabins and house boats to choose from if you’re looking for somewhere to stay.

Cypress Cove Marina is located at 235 Cypress Cove Rd, Venice, LA 70091 and they are a full service with a marina, boat ramp, fuel, hotel, ship store, and restaurant. They have a dry storage facility so a lot of people who may live elsewhere keep there boat in the storage there.

They are home to the Cajun Canyons Billfish Tournament that happens each year in Venice where fifty or so of the most competitive billfish teams in the Gulf of Mexico come to participate. Charters are available for this tournament if that’s something you would like to check off your bucket list.

Lodging is a little different when you’re planning a trip to Venice, Louisiana to do some Venice fishing charters. Most of the time when you take a trip you get on,, or and browse through hundreds of options wherever you’re headed.

Well that’s not going to happen when you enter Venice, Louisiana into the location field on, it actually doesn’t even recognize it as a searchable town. Funny I know considering it’s the fishing capitol of the world I know, but it is what it is. If you do grab the address of our marina and enter it you will find the Empire Inn Motel that’s about 25 minutes back up the road from Venice.

The good news is that there are a few hotels, actually a great one right at Cypress Cove Marina. If that one is booked there is also the Lighthouse Lodge and Villas and Venice Inn. Just make sure you understand before checking in that you won’t be staying at a five star Hilton.

A lot of anglers skip the hotels and find other options, there are tons of different house boats for rent, fishing and hunting lodges where you can stay, and other places for rent. Also of anglers own cabins or houseboats and use them when they come down, but rent them other times of the year.  

From Cypress Cove Marina to the well-known French Quarter in New Orleans is a short 82 mile trek that will take you about an hour and forty minutes or so depending on traffic going through Belle Chase and once you get near the incredible City of new Orleans.  

Louisiana cuisine, whether it be Cajun or creole (that’s a conversation for another day), is surely some tasty stuff, but unfortunately, you’ll find very limited options in Venice, althought don’t worry there’s a couple killer spots that will keep you from going hungry.

Venice is also not a great spot to bring the wife and kids if they aren’t planning on going fishing with you. There’s very little to do, practically no shopping, amusement parks, or even honestly anything that they’ll consider fun or enjoyable. Just being honest here!

The good news is that New Orleans is that place, let’s be real I don’t believe there’s anywhere better than New Orleans to visit. There you’ll find the casinos, aquarium, zoo, golf courses, shopping malls, and a whole lot more.

There’s also hundreds of hotels and some of the top rated restaurants in the United States to visit like Brennen’s, Commanders Palace, August, Emerils and K-Pauls. If you’re looking for an awesome little place be sure to swing into Coops Place for some Jambalaya, but don’t expect for them to be nice to you, part of their “concept” is to be short and somewhat rude to the customers.

Everyone has their favorite way to eat fish and let’s be real, we’re southerners and its hard to beat some good fried fish, but I’m going to share a couple recipes with you today that once you eat one time you’ll be begging for more and figuring out when you can get away for another fishing trip.

One of my all time favorites is redfish on the half shell and I’m sure you’ve heard that term used a hundred different times, but this one is truly special, I learned it from a Captain up in Buras named John L. Here it goes; take a skin and scale on redfish filet, soak it down in tiger sauce, and let marinate a few hours. Then you need to mix up tiger sauce, thousand island dressing, lemon juice, butter, garlic power and simmer in a pan. Put the redfish on the grill and sprinkle Italian bread crumbs on it. Once they crisp up spoon the sauce on it and let it cook a few minutes. You won’t believe how good it is!

 If you’re going tuna fishing and wondering what to do with your fish you can always grab some wasabi and soy sauce and start eating right after it’s cleaned. Although I have something that I believe is even bitter. You’ll need to swing by the local oriental market and pickup some stuff called Mamasitas, it’s a oriental BBQ sauce. Wrap small pieces of tuna in back and marinate in ½ bottle Mamasita, ½ bottle zesty Italian dressing, a little soy, garlic salt, and pepper. Let it marinate for about 8 hours and put it on the grill, just cook it until the bacon is crispy.